Buddy Hackett drops in on Johnny Carson, and I almost died laughing! Hilarious!

Johnny was the King of Late Night for a reason. He knew when to be funny himself, and even more importantly, knew when to sit back and let the guest performer. You would see the difference when a guest was not working out, and Johnny would turn it on. No need to do that with Buddy Hackett though!

When you think of great comedians and actors from yesteryear, Buddy Hackett has to come to mind. He played many roles throughout his career, but he’s best known for his hilarious stories.

In 1977, Hackett was a guest on the Johnny Carson Show. Carson reads from a list, some of the jokes that Hackett is known for. Hackett acts out those jokes for us in this clip. The audience was clapping and cheering as he made those familiar silly faces.

Hackett tells great stories, that build to an immense punchline, a completely lost art where patience is rewarded with a big payoff. Carson always knew when to chime in with a witty comment, without taking away from the guest. These two old friends were so entertaining to watch when they were together. Most Americans who grew up in this era are very familiar with this show.

Check out  Buddy’s appearance on Johnny Carson for a trip down memory lane, and you’ll get a laugh out of it too! Enjoy and share it on Facebook.

Be sure to watch Part 2 below. For many, watching this video brings on feelings of nostalgia. That’s going to happen when you combine two beloved TV legends. Not many of today’s comedians can compete with comedians from this era.  Buddy was one of the greatest storytellers of his time!!