Budweiser Makes Tear-Jerking Video About the Importance of Stepdads for Father’s Day

Out of all of the advertisements that you see online and on television, you may not expect a beer company to make you cry. Budweiser will have you reaching for the tissues with their 2019 Father’s Day tribute to stepdads.

The Vice President of Marketing for Budweiser says that “On a day when the world celebrates fathers, Budweiser wants to shine an unexpected light on fatherhood.” Not everyone knows their biological father, and that’s okay.

Throughout the video, we see several people with their stepdads. Each person talks a little bit about how their step-father has massively changed their life. These dads are called patient, loving, and much more during this heartwarming video.

As we continue to get a small glimpse into these people’s lives, it feels as if we’ve known them for years. Each one of the children surprised their stepdads by asking them to legally adopt them. Overwhelmed with emotion, the dads accept the best father’s day gift ever.