Build Your Own Planter Box, It’s Easy & Has Complete Plans

If there is one afternoon craft that’ll forever come in handy no matter where you live, it’s a planter box. This instructable video comes with a free set of plans, giving you an affordable project that couldn’t be easier to put together.

The cost of this planter box is far lower than anything store-bought, and it looks professionally made. Don’t let the superior aesthetics put you off – it’s surprisingly easy to make, and DIY Builds show you every last step in fine detail. Now that’s a rewarding project.

The planter box shown here comes with plans, but you’ll find that the measurements are just as easy to customize. All it takes are a few minor adjustments to have a box that’s a perfect match to any space.

Feel free to switch from cedar to another type of wood if you wish. This is the ideal project for reclaimed wood, and if the finish is marred, then either give it a good sand and varnish or rough it up and paint it.

Build Your Own Planter Box, It\'s Easy & Has Complete Plans