Bus Driver Sees Strange Couple In Parking Lot. Suddenly, She’s Threatened With A Gun

It all started as a typical day for Alice Bradley, a day like any other, Alice is a bus driver and has been one for over 30 years. She feels great pride in her job and has always considered herself, just as everyone who knows her does, a tough woman, on this day it would be put to the test.

The North Carolina bus driver was in the school parking lot, she was almost starting her shift when she noticed a couple acting quite suspicious in the school’s parking lot. She thought it was weird for anyone else to be there at that time of day, and she had never seen them before, they did not look like school faculty. She thought that the best thing she could do would be to keep an eye on them just in case. In a matter of a few seconds, she had finally figured out why they were there.

The couple on the other hand looked quite odd. There was something about them that was just not right, maybe it was the vibe they were giving off or the way they seemed to be checking out the place, their surroundings; they weren’t dressed like school staff either, they were just there, standing in a place they were not supposed to be at and doing absolutely nothing besides starting at everything there.

Suddenly, the man points his gun at Alice. While Alice has always considered herself a tough woman, she confesses that incident almost got the best of her, “I was really nervous, I have to be honest, he scared me, I always thought I had been a tough woman, but this scared me, it did”, she said when she was interviewed by reporters for the local news.

But, what are the suspects doing there? According to the Sheriff’s report, the suspects were heavily armed, they had multiple guns and an evil plan on how to use them. This couple is actually planning on carrying out a mass shooting! Yes, that’s right, they are planning on shooting teachers and students alike, as well as pretty much anyone who crosses their way. According to them, it is “God’s will” for them to carry out this massacre.

Going back to what’s unraveling, the man is pointing his gun at Alice, and she only has a Split second to think, will this be the end for Alice? If she wants to ask for help, there is really no one else there, but her and them.