Candid Camera Catches Lazy Husband’s Tire Changing Technique: Spectating

Few shows can capture spontaneous laughs like ‘Candid Camera.’ The popular TV series has been a part of American culture from 1948 until 2014. The show’s creator, Allen Funt, got his start as a radio show titled ‘The Candid Microphone’ in 1947.

These clips focus on lazy husbands. The episode’s host says, “We’re off to St. Louis, and Amy’s car has a flat tire. So, she asked a friendly guy for some help. Now he’s working on the tire, so let’s watch.”

What the good samaritans don’t know is that they are being filmed. When Amy’s pretend husband pops up from the backseat, the helpers have some wild reactions.

A man kneels down by the back tire of Amy’s dark green car. The man tries to raise the tire, and Amy’s lazy pretend husband pokes his head out the window and asks, “Hi, what’s going on?”

The man looks at him in disappointment and says, “Well, why aren’t you doing this?” The man in the car says he doesn’t like to change tires and thanks the good samaritan, but he has obviously ruffled his feathers.

There is another ‘Candid Camera’ incident in California when actress Kim has a flat tire. Chris is asleep in the backseat, pokes his head out, and says to the good samaritan, “What’s all the racket?” The man fixing the car questions Kim saying, “He’s not gonna help?”

Kim responds, “No, he’s just taking a nap. He works nights.” The man stands up, and the woman says her husband won’t get his hands dirty. The good samaritan says, “Why should I?” Finally, the actors reveal that they are filming ‘Candid Camera,’ to the relief of the innocent victims.

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Candid Camera Catches Lazy Husband\'s Tire Changing Technique: Spectating