What it’s like to know you can’t have kids and the hopeful light at the end of the tunnel

Many girls grow up with the expectation that they will one day get married, have kids, and have their own loving family.

Sadly, this dream does not come true for every woman who wants kids. But there is hope! Watch this video and you’ll hear many wonderful, hopeful, funny, inspiring, and heart-wrenching stories. It’s relatable to anyone who has children or wants children.

Each woman is so strong and brave to share her story and open her heart for the whole internet. They all deal with their medical news in their own way; but they each have accepted it. One woman decided that she does not want kids anymore and wants to work on being present and enjoying life.

The other two women believe that adoption is in their future. This decision brings an amazing and inspirational message for any woman who wants to be a mother. Regardless of DNA, a child can still be yours. There are many mother figures in our lives that are not blood-related, but still love us unconditionally. What the video and tell us what you thought. did it connect with you like it did me?