Caring woman lives with at least 1000 cats

What started as a small project for Lynea Lattanzio has turned into a full-blown animal sanctuary for cats everywhere.

When Lynea Lattanzio was first asked by her father to help him find a new cat he probably didn’t expect her to bring home fifteen.

It was around thirty years ago she realized what she wanted to do with her life. It was to save as many cats and kittens as she could.

She started a project to save all the cats, using money from her own pocket. She sold many of her belongings, including her wedding ring. Saving cats was truly her priority.

Today she has achieved her dream, The Cat House of the Kings is an open free-roam cat sanctuary that has at least a thousand rescues, with employees and volunteers working to help her.

Her priority is not to keep the cats, but to make sure they are adopted by loving and caring families. She loves all of them of course, making sure they get all the proper love and medical attention they require.

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