Carol Burnett and Steve Lawrence funny soap opera ‘As the Stomach Turns’

Carol Burnett and Steve Lawrence

‘The Carol Burnett Show’ was famous for recurring characters and sketches. One of the most popular ones was titled, ‘As the Stomach Turns.’ This soap-opera style comedy featured all the cast and guest star Steve Lawrence.

Carol Burnett

Carol plays Marian, who was in the midst of a particularly eventful day, returning from a funeral and a wedding. Guest star Steve Lawrence plays the Godfather of Canoga Falls. He pays a visit to blackmail her for $10,000, or he will release a picture of her and a local gymnast!

Marian is scared and begs for some time to get the money together, and the Godfather agrees to give her five minutes. A ring from the door reveals it is Alvin, Marian’s son, who is a female impersonator played by Vicki Lawrence. Marian asks Alvin for $5,000 to rent a room in the house, but she doesn’t have the money.

Tim Conway

Marian’s last resort is Tim Conway playing the classic ‘Uncle Waldo’ character who makes his entrance by slo-mo falling down the stairs. It is one of the best bits of physical comedy you’ll ever see. He ends up rolled in the rug!

Uncle Waldo tells Marian that he’s got to get ready for a heavy date! Marian knows if he gets married, she’ll never get that inheritance money. She says to Uncle Waldo, ‘All she can offer you is her sexy body.’

Carol Burnett, Steve Lawrence, and Harvey Korman

The doorbell rings and Harvey Korman walks in dressed as a tall woman. The audience laughs hysterically at his entrance. Uncle Waldo is in love with her, and she tries to get him to sign over all his fortune. The Godfather shows up again, and Marian is out of time. She begs Uncle Waldo for the money.

Uncle Waldo agrees to get money from the safe under a picture, but he can’t find the safe after removing the picture. He climbs a dresser, then the wall, as the audience laughs along. He gives her monopoly money! Suddenly, Harvey Korman’s character realizes that the Godfather is her long-lost son. The entire episode ends on a cliffhanger with the narrator questioning what will happen next on ‘As the Stomach Turns.’

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