Carol Burnett Can’t Find The Toilet As Mrs. Wiggins At Lunch

Tudball and Mrs. Wiggins are a couple who have been together for far too long, as you’ll soon see in this unforgettable skit from The Carol Burnett Show.

Mrs. Wiggins at lunch is a skit from The Carol Burnett Show that’ll have you laughing your head off with clean humor and gags that just couldn’t be funnier. Between Carol Burnett’s expressions and straight-faced wit, it’s hilarious.

Finding the ladies’ room is a frustration that you can’t help but laugh at, while when the oversized glass arrives, you may just be crying from laughter. Just wait until Carol orders as well – now that’s funny stuff.

Getting up from a table has never been so dramatic, with Carol Burnett putting on an act that screams hilarity with every line and action. The whole of this lunch is a brilliant comedic routine that leaves you hanging on each word, waiting for the next unpredictable joke.

Carol Burnett Can\'t Find The Toilet As Mrs. Wiggins At Lunch