Carol Burnett & Harvey Korman’s hilarious skit on ‘Invisible Son’ will have you howling with laughter

In a side-splittingly hilarious skit from The Carol Burnett Show, the dynamic comedy duo Carol Burnett and Harvey Korman grace the screen with their uproarious performance that revolves around an “unseen” son. Prepare to laugh till your sides ache!

The scene opens with the fabulous Bernadette Peters as Mrs. Paget, the chatty neighbor, engaging in a delightful tea-time chat with the great Carol Burnett, playing the role of Mrs. Zimmer.

Mrs. Paget proudly shares the news of her accomplished doctor’s son and spills the beans about their exciting lunch plans. Then, naturally curious, she asks about Mrs. Zimmer’s offspring. And, oh boy, here comes the twist! Mrs. Zimmer reveals that she has a son, the only Arnold, who happens to live with them.

You can imagine the look of astonishment on Mrs. Paget’s face. She has yet to catch a glimpse of young Mr. Zimmer! That’s when Mrs. Zimmer explains that her son, Arnold, was born with a unique gift of invisibility. She adds that her unseen lad is quite the remarkable and delightful young boy, despite not being seen!

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any wackier, Arnold’s voice, masterfully provided by the only Harvey Korman as a voice-over, decides to join the conversation, leaving Mrs. Paget at a loss for words.

Overwhelmed by this incredible encounter, Mrs. Paget decides it’s time to excuse herself and make a swift exit back home. After Mrs. Paget’s departure, Mrs. Zimmer engages in a conversation with her invisible son. Unfortunately, she’s a bit upset about the situation, and her incessant blabbering prompts Arnold to stroll outside.

And just when you think you’ve seen it all, in walks Senior Mr. Zimmer, portrayed by Harvey Korman himself. Confused, he ponders aloud how two seemingly ordinary parents like them ended up with an invisible son. Ah, the mysteries of life!

That’s when the invisible milkman enters. The doorbell rings, and he is at the door, holding milk bottles. So, the truth behind their invisible son is finally revealed to the viewers as Mr. Zimmer is busy reading the newspaper.

In this riotously comical skit, Carol Burnett and Harvey Korman showcase their comedic genius, spinning a tale of an invisible son with their trademark wit and charm. The playful banter between the characters, coupled with the unexpected appearance of the invisible milkman, adds an extra layer of hilarity to this unforgettable scene.

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Carol Burnett & Harvey Korman\'s hilarious skit on \'Invisible Son\' will have you howling with laughter