Carol Burnett’s crazy kitchen is a HUGE and hilarious trip down memory lane!

Those of us with good, long memories love this one because it’s like a checklist of the very best memories from the TV commercials from the 1970’s. Get ready to take a trip down TV memory lane.

Here’s what happens when big advertisers hilariously invade Carol Burnett’s home and drive her batty. That’s exactly how I feel whenever I check my email!

You remember watching The Carol Burnett Show on TV every Saturday night throughout the 1970s, and you doubtlessly recall the many hours of laughter it brought to you and your family.  Carol’s classic sketches, featuring Vicki Lawrence, Tim Conway, Harvey Korman, Lyle Waggoner, and their celebrity guests were guaranteed to make us all howl with laughter.

You must surely also recall those over-the-top 1970s TV commercials.  Have you seen this sidesplitting sketch? It aired on February 10, 1976. When “housewife” Carol wakes up and trudges sleepily into her bathroom, she’s in for an eye-opening shock.

When she slides open her medicine cabinet she’s greeted by two sparkly women—take-offs on a popular commercial of the time–poking their heads out to pitch her a popular women’s deodorant.

Carol slides the door shut in horror and opens the other side, only to find a shirtless man with his arms raised to reveal that his armpits have been covered in duct tape, parodying another ad for a powerful deodorant.

It doesn’t stop there.  Remember the Tidy Bowl man?  Well, he’s living in Carol’s toilet.

She gives up on the bathroom and tries her luck with breakfast.  When she reaches for a loaf of bread and it chuckles and talks to her, asking her not to squeeze it, she goes ballistic.  You won’t believe what happens next, but let’s just say Carol does a lot more than squeeze it.

The house crashers come fast and furious, including floor polish mascot Big Wally, played by Lyle Waggoner, and the Peter Pan Peanut Butter elf played by Harvey Korman.  Remember Grape Nuts cereal spokesman Euell Gibbons?  Tim Conway knocks it out of the park with his impression of the once-famous outdoorsman.

Just wait until you see what happens when Carol, at her wit’s end, plops down, pops open a can of beer and brings 2400 pounds of trouble charging her way.

“Boy do I miss The Carol Burnett Show and the days when commercials used to be entertaining and creative,” wrote one nostalgic viewer of this clip. “This generation doesn’t know what it’s missing.”

“I remember watching this show with my mom and grandmother. Still funny, even after all these years,” wrote another fan.

Are you ready for the TV commercial invasion?  Just click the video below to be transported to the golden age of television and then share it with a friend.  Have fun!