Carol Burnett perfectly parodies ‘Valley of the Dolls’

‘The Carol Burnett Show’ from Season 1, Episode 27 features a sketch called ‘Valley of the Dolls.’ Lyle Waggoner stands on stage and introduces the sketch, saying, “There once was a book called Valley of the Dolls. It was all about business, sex, alcohol, pills, scandal, and sex.”

Lyle continues, “Naturally, it became a best-seller. It also became a motion picture, and for those of you lucky enough to miss it, here is our version.” Three girls sit on a bed in pajamas, grumbling about how they can’t sleep.

Carol says, “Maybe we should get a bigger bed?” Another girl says they wish they could quit Hollywood, and Carol says she can’t because she’s a big star now. The lady says no one loves her, so what’s the point?

The one girl chimes in and says everybody loves her because of her incredible singing and perfect teeth! Then, she rattles off ten more good things about herself. Vicki Lawrence says, “But she’s not pretty on the inside.”

Carol says, “That’s not true. I’ve seen her x-rays.” Vicki says, “I made two million dollars last year, and did it bring me happiness? “Carol says, “Did it?”
Vicki responds, “A little.”

They complain more and plan to call the drugstore for an overdose of sleeping pills. Carol tells them to throw their lives away, but she is returning to the little town that she calls home, and she’s leaving Hollywood.

Carol cracks a smile finally, and they ask where she is from. Carol responds, “Peyton Place.” The sketch is a funny take on movies that take Hollywood stars too seriously.

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Carol Burnett perfectly parodies \'Valley of the Dolls\'