The Carol Burnett Show Bloopers — You Thought They Were Gone for Good, But We Found Them!

Remember the time when TV was actually good? Fortunately, we can still revisit some of our favorite moments, thanks to the Internet. Yup, in the age of YouTube, everything is getting uploaded and is online for us.

We came across this hilarious blooper reel from one of the best comedy shows of all time, The Carol Burnett Show, featuring some classic outtakes from all our favorite stars including Tim Conway, Harvey Korman, Vicki Lawrence, and Lyle Waggoner.

Of course, it would not be complete without ‘Mama’s Family’ sketch from the show. Tim Conway stars in this scene. He just refuses to let the scene continue until he can finish his story about a circus elephant, but that’s just for starters. Tim Conway is a rascal. He made it his mission to make everyone lose it. Today’s recorded programming will NEVER replicate this REAL laughter and fun.

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