The most fun I’ve ever had watching Tim Conway crash Harvey Korman with laughter

If you’re like me, your whole family was raised on The Carol Burnett Show, and probably you know this funny sketch by heart. So how in the heck is it so fresh and funny everytime it makes us laugh? That’s the genius of Tim Conway.

We’re talking about of course of the funniest moments in TV history. Harvey Korman sits down for a dental appointment, and Tim Conway ends up accidentally numbing himself into silliness while Harvey cracks up laughing.

Tim was so deliciously evil with his ability to crack up Harvey. What’s so great about these sketches was the mutual admiration, respect and love these two had for each other; they worked together for years and Tim always tried to mess up Harvey and Harvey always lost it. Brilliant pair of guys.

So let’s go! Watch the original Carol Burnett “Dentist Sketch” down yonder. Oh, and hey: This is the longer, FULL SKETCH which was recently remastered, so it’s as fresh as it was that famous Saturday night on CBS:

The thing is… during rehearsals, Conway would always do something completely different, so Harvey never knew what was coming from one moment to the next.

In all the years Tim and Harvey were together I never saw a dud sketch, always hilarious, gut aching laughs galore, always making each other crack up, and when Carol joined in the whole show was side-splitting!!

We all know Harvey Korman is famous or shall I say infamous for his inability to keep a straight face, but Tim Conway does a number on him this time. Harvey can’t keep his laughter down and bursts out laughing on more than on occasion – it was hilarious!

In fact, legend has that that poor Havey Korman couldn’t contain himself quite literally — I think you know what I mean! That’s the genius of Tim Conway.

During a TV appearance with Conan O’Brien, Conway was asked about the “dentist sketch” and all the rumors behind the famous comedy sketch we all know and love. Get ready to laugh again when Tim Conway reveals what we’ve always suspected, and with a lot of funny insight from the man and the legend himself, in his own words.