Tim Conway has the audience ROARING with laughter as “Simba” the Lion!

If you’re tired of today’s comedians with no sense of humor, come and watch a hidden gem of comedy shows from the golden era of television!

We’re talking about The Carol Burnett of course, and in this sketch, you’re going to laugh till your sides hurt, or at least until you giggle yourself silly.

For the record, this is Episode #8.10. Highlights from that crazy night of comedy include: Carol welcomes guest Maggie Smith in her American TV debut, and they duet on “You’re So London”; a couple (Carol, Harvey) is visited by an old college chum (Maggie) who has become famous; and a spoof of “Born Free” with guest Tim Conway as Simba the lion.

And “Simba”  brings us to where we are now. This sketch has your three favorites: Tim Conway, Carol Burnett herself, and Harvey Korman. Now, I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a dream line-up to me.  You can guarantee there are going to be plenty of belly-laughs with a cast like that!

Now, I won’t ruin the plot or the punchline, but I can’t let you go without talking about the costumes. If you’re like me then you know from watching these skits that The Carol Burnett Show had very high-quality standard when it came to sets and costumes. This sketch is no exception.

To start off with, Carol and Harvey’s outfits are spot-on, just look at those leopard prints! No seriously, I mean from the get-go, we know we’re going on a safari with Carol and Harvey as our guides! When Tim walks in wearing a lion’s costume, our suspicions are confirmed and it only adds to the hilarious antics.

Viewers couldn’t hold their laughter for this little sketch and one comment echoed my own thoughts when he said, “I grew up watching this show. Tim Conway was my favorite guest.” Moved by the nostalgia of watching his childhood show once more, it’s clear it left a lasting memory on many.

Did you watch this show back in the day it was on TV? Do you remember any of the actors playing the sketch? Did you find this lion funny too? Watch the video and hear those punchlines delivered by true professionals of comedy. Enjoy!