Carol Burnett, Tim Curry, and Bernadette Peters comically dazzle on ‘Easy Street’

The hit musical ‘Annie’ had a fantastic movie version debut in 1982. The cast featured legendary Carol Burnett, joined by Tim Curry and Bernadette Peters singing ‘Easy Street.’

Carol Burnett, Tim Curry, and Bernadette Peters

The trio is magic together, and they play off each other’s acting throughout the song. It begins in Miss Hannigan’s office, where the three villains of the show are looking for Annie’s old locket to prove they are her parents.

Annie’s parents will collect a reward for coming forward with the locket. Once Ms. Hannigan finds it, she makes celebratory sounds like a chicken as Tim begins singing.

Carol Burnett, Tim Curry, and Bernadette Peters

The choreography kicks in, and the trio start moving through the office singing. They parade around, and Tim climbs on the desk and crawls through Bernadette’s legs as she does an amazing split over two chairs.

They are all on their knees dancing and eventually sit on each other’s laps. Tim and Bernadette carry the more traditional choreography, while Carol is her usual goofy self. She plays a trumpet-like kazoo during the middle section.

Carol Burnett, Tim Curry, and Bernadette Peters

There’s a complicated routine on the stairs as they ascend and repeatedly kick their legs over Tim’s head. Eventually, Carol kicks her foot through the wall and gets it stuck inside. They slide down the stair railing on the song’s big note.

They end with a kickline that sees Carol running into a wall and the other two fitting nicely through the doorway. The singing, choreography, and comedy make this a classic movie musical performance!

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