Carol Burnett’s Hilarious Take on ‘Too Real’ Commercials

Carol Burnett and Harvey Korman

Some commercials or jingles might get stuck in your head. But, the talented Carol Burnett knew that the most iconic way to celebrate these brilliant commercials was by making a TV commercial spoof.

Carol Burnett

Imagine that these TV commercials actually happened in your home. For example, a massive juice pitcher falls through the wall, or a giant bee compliments your food choice. Either of these situations would be a terrifying encounter.

However, Carol Burnett, Tim Conway, & Harvey Korman, with several other side actors, ensure that the audience has fun while performing the hilarious “TV Commercial” skit. Burnett portrays a woman tormented by commercials at home.

Carol Burnett

Her home is occupied with product mascots in every room she goes to. The first is a surprise visitor, who tells Burnett that she can use Lady Shlik (perfume) to get rid of underarm stains.

Tim Conway spoofs celebrity Euell Gibbons, who is encouraging everyone to add Grape Nut Cereal to their morning breakfasts. Burnett is also disturbed by several stage actors parading off near her dining table advertising for the “Extra Gum.”

Carol Burnett

Even the loaf of bread reminds Burnett not to squeeze it, making her go crazy and tear it to pieces. Harvey Korman, dressed all in green as Peter Pan, portrays a chunky peanut butter mascot.

“Floor wax is so shiny, you can see your reflection in it!” The floor cleaner mascot’s voice in the background gets her to act all nervous while cleaning the floor. Poor Burnett also finds an unwelcome visitor in her toilet flush tank. These commercials will take you down memory lane. The skit does a beautiful job representing the TV commercials of that time.

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Carol Burnett\'s Hilarious Take on \'Too Real\' Commercials