A carpenter spends years to build Noah’s Ark. Wait until you see what’s inside!

Have you read the Bible? I have, although I must admit I need to do it more often. Of the two Testaments out there, I would say I enjoy reading the Old Testament more. The reason is probably that I love history. I have always found that learning about what people before us did, or the wonderful deeds that they made, to be fascinating.

The Old Testament is full of stories, and I’ve enjoyed reading about many of them. Out of all the ones there, the one that I particularly like the most is the one about Noah’s Ark. The fact that in those days, there wasn’t really anyone besides Noah that God liked, was something impressive.

Noah wasn’t particularly famous at the time. He was just a man that wanted to do God’s will. He had 3 sons and his wife. God had blessed him with material possessions that were enough for him and his family to live comfortably. He had some animals that his sons shepherded. He would sometimes go himself to buy things in the city and would witness how the people there had become evil in their ways with time.

It was after much consideration that God talked to Noah one day and told him what was about to happen. He told him to build an Ark and talk to the people so that they would repent. When the people walked by, they would see Noah building this incredibly big ship. They would ask him what he was doing, and he would tell them that God had told him to build the ark. Unfortunately, the people would just laugh at him and not change their evil ways.

God had given Noah the blueprints of how the ark would be built. In fact, they are still there in the Bible for anyone to read. The Bible uses a unit of measure called cubits to be used as a guide. Noah followed the instructions closely and ended up with a massive ship. God then told him how many animals he was supposed to take into the ark. Noah followed God’s instructions diligently and they all entered the ark before the big flood took place.

Well, there was a carpenter in the Netherlands that decided to follow God’s instructions and recreate the ark himself. It would be built as a testimony of his faith in God and as an invitation for everyone to behold God’s love and to give themselves a chance to have a personal relationship with God. The ark looks very impressive, but what’s even more special is what lies inside. Take a look!