Cat Ad For German Supermarket Goes Viral.. Adorable!

With over eleven million views on YouTube, this viral cat ad is something you can’t miss! It’s so different and the cats’ reactions so funny, I loved watching it! It’s definitely something different, for sure, and bound to stick in your mind the whole day.

When you think of going to the supermarket, you think of veggie stalls and other knick knacks you need for your home. But just imagine if cats did the shopping instead of us! Now, wouldn’t that be so strange? Well, this ad gives you the chance to see that happen.

I loved the part when a cat went through the soda section, squeezing through until it reached the other side. It’s exactly what I would expect a cat would do, and they’ve stayed true to their nature while adding a few special visual and sound effects that will keep you captivated.

If I were in Germany, I know I would probably visit this Supermarket simply because it sticks in my mind! You’ll see cats doing a variety of things. From a kitty casher who’s typing on the keyboard, to cats pushing their shopping carts, cats and their veggies and even a surprised looking cat. It’s hilarious!

This is a nice tribute to cats and cat lovers and you should definitely SHARE this video with your kitty cat lovers to make their day! What did you think of this ad? Did it stick in your mind? Do you smile when you think of it? I know I do! Write in and let us know what you think of it in the comments section below!

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