Cat Attacks His Parent’s Smelly Feet, And He Reacts In The Most Hilarious Way!

Few things are as awkward as smelly feet. They’re a real problem for some people, and it’s just embarrassing. No one wants to be the guy with the obvious smell as he puts off his shoes. Our animal friends with a better sense of smell certainly don’t appreciate it, either. And they’re not shy about showing their distaste at all. The cute cat in the following video gives us a demonstration of this issue. The moral of the story? Don’t get your nose close to anyone’s feet ever, at all! Looks like he found that out the hard way!

The funny video that we will show you starts off by showing the cat as he sneak attacks his human friend’s foot. He latches on to it for a second, before finally sniffing it a little bit. He doesn’t hide his surprise from the smell at all! He even makes the most ridiculous surprise face you will ever see. He’s really shocked by the distasteful hodor, and he ain’t afraid to show it. Confused by this weird stench that he doesn’t recognize, the cat gives it another try, but this time his reaction is even funnier!

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