Cat Chases Toy In Slow-Motion Video. I Was Amazed At The Flow Of Her Hair .

Cats are usually graceful, majestic creatures. I said, “Usually.” My female cat is prone to waddling from place to place on her stubby legs and seeing her try to jump on the sofa can be an exercise in holding in laughter. I still love her dearly, but she is not smooth by any stretch of the imagination. You would think the same of the cat that’s front and center in this video, but she turns out to be surprisingly deft.

We see a long-haired white cat looking intently at a wiggly toy on a stick that her mommy is waving in the air. It’s all in slow motion too, so we can see every hair on her body move and also how she cuts and weaves to try to get this toy. Slow motion makes everything look better. My aunt once watched a football game in all slow motion. It was fascinating to see how each play unfolded.

I think that animators who want to work on anything involving cats should watch this video to get an idea of how hair moves around. I’m sure that the people of Pixar would consider this a requirement. It’s fascinating to watch the cat in action as it looks like she’s going in one direction at times and the hair is going in another. The slow-motion movement is what makes it all work.

The end of the video is cute because it suddenly goes into real time as the fluffy cat grabs the toy and then walks off. I enjoyed the whole thing but it feels like some music should be playing in the background. Something majestic since it looks like this fluffball could be descended from cat royalty. It’s amazing to see all that hair going back and forth as she’s trying to grab the toy. I just can’t imagine how long it takes to groom her… otherwise… hairball city.

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