Cat Chasing Snowflakes Across Snow-Covered Lawn. Its Antics As The Flake Disappears? HILARIOUS.

I’m not a huge fan of snow. It’s just that I live in an urban environment and I absolutely hate how it can grind every thing around to a halt. I’m sorry, but I thrive on motion and just at least having the option to be able to go outside and walk places without worrying about slipping and hurting myself. But I can watch videos of people having trouble with snow and even ones of felines trying to hunt the most elusive quarry they have ever seen: A snowflake.

We see a compilation of cats who are devoted to only one task: catching all the snowflakes that they can. I wonder if, with their superior eyesight, they are able to discern the uniqueness of each flake. “Wow! That’s one cool shape! Let me get it! Or if they just see them as fluffy white things that they try to catch only to have each one disappear on either their paw or on the ground or on their bodies.

It’s clear that only one thing is on these cats’ minds: “What in the heck is this white stuff that’s landing around me?” The funniest ones are when they are chasing the snowflakes that are landing on a lot of accumulation. “I’ve got it! Wait! What? It’s blending in with the other white stuff? WHAT IS THIS SORCERY? I must investigate further!” Cats never learn about the definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

There’s just a childlike wonder with some of these cats. They don’t know what to make of what’s going on. Imagine if a cat live in Florida for most of his or her life, then their mommy and daddy moved to, say, Maine. Don’t ask why they would leave a warm climate like that for a cold one… let’s just say it’s for work… DON’T NITPICK! Anyways, seeing their first snow would probably blow their kitty mind.

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