Funny Cat Rides the Roomba Like a Boss

Thanks to one cat and his adventures on top of a Roomba, we learn that cleaning the floor can be fun. I know it seems all too hard to believe. But wait until you see this cat, riding his Roomba like he is the boss.

Most pets immediately shy away from the domestic duties of humans, of course. Dogs seem to dislike vacuums, almost as if there is a connection between the loud noise and their fear. They try their best to protect their mom or dad. They see the vacuum as an intruder, a big, loud, and scary intruder that it seems only they can defend against. Cats, well – we wouldn’t expect them actually to have anything to do with anything so domestic.


Thankfully, with Roomba, there is less fear and confusion amongst furred children. We find ourselves at odds with those that are willing to clean always. When you see the wacky device one dad has made for the precious cat, well, I laughed at the ingenuity.