A Cat Walked Up To A Working Cop. What He Did Next Left Me Laughing On The Floor!

Today, we bring to you a hilarious video that was recorded from a police officer’s dash cam, in the state of Texas. This is an old clip, back from November 2009, but it worth a watch even today. It was shared by the news organization USA Today originally, but it has captivated millions online. Officer Keith Urban is seeing as he deals with a kind of hilarious situation in a traffic stop, close to an old farm.

The police officer in question was right in the middle of writing a ticked for a speeding diver, when he suddenly noticed a cat casually walking around the scene. The feline started walking closer and closer to him, until he reached the officer. The man tried to stay focused on his job, but with such a cute furball asking for your attention, it’s a difficult task.

The police officer later told the news that the driver started laughing when he noticed the whole situation, and even offered to help remove the cat from the officer, but the cop wanted to stay in control of the situation. It’s true that animals pay no mind to the day to day tasks of humans, but this cat takes it to another level.

You can enjoy this hilarious cat moment in the video just below from here.

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