This Cat Wanted To Go Out When It Was Snowing. You Won’t Stop Smiling After Seeing Why!

Every cat I have come across seems to have a dear affinity with snow. Have you ever noticed it? They somehow hate water, but love snow! How weird is that? And this little kitty here is one of those snow loving creatures. She is named Nala, and she is six years old. She is a Norwegian forest cat who is a Maine coon mix.

This is a compilation video of Nala and all the cute little things she does. And one of the best is her bond with snow. She stands beside the door to be let out, and when she comes back in, she begs to go out again! Every time her owners throw some snow her way, she tries to catch it or gets into a patty cake fight!

Nala seems fascinated by this frozen white stuff and loves to swat at it in the air when her owners throw it to her. It seems she has enough fur to keep her warm while she runs around in the snow and even rolls in it on occasion. Whether it is digging, rolling, or swatting, Nala loves to be in the snow.

I think this behavior is quite unusual for a cat as most do hate water and don’t even like to go outside. She’s more like a puppy when it comes to playing in the snow.

Watch this adorable compilation below! Did you like watching Nala play in the snow? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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