Catch The Christmas Vibe With Ariana Grande’s ‘Santa Tell Me’

‘Santa Tell Me’ By Ariana GrandeAriana Grande grants a look into what Christmas is like in ‘Ariana World.’ Delivering whimsical lyrics that make you smile, and music video visuals that inspire adventures of happiness & lighthearted fun of your own, it’s a song that’s beyond catchy.

Everyone needs a selection of feel-good songs to prepare for the holidays, and you can’t hope for better than this chart-topping hit from Ariana Grande. Filled with friends, dancing, lots of laughter, and good-hearted gift-giving, there is really no choice but to be filled with cheer by the end of the video, and bonus-footage outtake.

‘Santa Tell Me’ is one of megastar Ariana Grande’s earlier videos and a remarkably upbeat track. Talent knows no time, and Ariana has proven it with this song that’s filled with so much Christmas spirit that it continues to spread good vibes year after year. Don’t miss this source of happy moments shared, joyful lyrics, and abundant Christmas cheer!

Catch The Christmas Vibe With Ariana Grande\'s \'Santa Tell Me\'