How kittens react to a frozen water balloon. At 0:48 TOO CUTE!

That reaction at 0:47 is insanely hilarious and cute, but that’s cats for ya! Adorably surprising, yet predictable in a way that never ceases to make us laugh and smile. Just you watch.

What happens when you fill a balloon full of water, then put it in the freezer for a day? You get one COOL cat toy (pun intended!) These kitties are having the best day ever!!

BTW: If you’re thinking about making an ice baloon for your fur babies here area few tips: First, make sure you don’t fill the balloon to capacity (because water expands as it turns to ice).

Secondly, place wax paper under the balloon. This way, the balloon’s skin won’t get stuck to your freezer as the skin stretches. Enjoy!

Tell us about your experiences with your cats. Have you tried this at home? If not, why not?! BTW in my experience, it’s best to put the balloon on a brownie tray… just in case it breaks, but for the record, none have to date!

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