Cats Are Known For Their Curiosity! Watch What Has This Cat So Mesmerised! UNBELIEVABLE!

This silly kitty is standing on his hind legs and looking at something very carefully. But what could this cat be this interested in?

The baby is making noises and the cat seems to be very intrigued. The cat moves to the side of the sofa, so that he can get a better look at the child. Mom, filming the cat, loves the interaction between the baby and the feline.

The cat gets really excited and stands up on the sofa, making his way closer to the child. The cat really doesn’t know what to think of the baby and seems a bit scared of her. The kitty then carefully leans down and smells the child’s forehead. This super cute moment was captured on camera and is truly priceless.

This is a super cute video and who doesn’t love both cats and babies.

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