This Is A Cat’s Morning Routine, But Wait Till You Hear Him Ordering The Servant Around. HILARIOUS!

This cat’s name is Prissy Gus. His first name is Gus, and Prissy is his last name. The cat is Chinese so he places his first name in front. It’s like the basketball player Yao Ming – Yao is his last name, or surname as they call it.

You will know for sure that Gus is Chinese as soon as you heard his accent in this video. In certain culture, people treat certain animals as deities whom they pray to. For example, most of us are aware of the elephant god that’s so beloved in Hindu culture. Prissy Gus is a cat that’s so beloved that people worship him like a deity.

How else can anybody explain this video of Prissy Gus in his morning routine and ordering people around? It’s because they treat him like a god!

People worship their gods in different ways. For this cat deity called Prissy Gus, they like to put flattering clothes on him, such as a glittery cape and a sundress. It’s also customary for them to go ooh and aah when they see the deity play with the lighter ball. It brings good fortune I was told.

But do you know the best fortune of all? If a person is lucky enough to observe the cat deity doing his business in the litter box, it means that person is in the peak of luck. The peak of luck is the top of the line. It means one should aim high. Don’t just go to the casino and hope to strike it rich. One should aim higher than that, such as going down the elevator and declaring that one’s running for President!

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