‘Celtic Woman’ Sings ‘Danny Boy,’ Then Suddenly The Song Transforms When Friends Join In Chilling Harmony

The accomplished Irish ensemble, Celtic Woman, made an appearance at the prestigious Capitol Studios in Los Angeles. The ladies were there to participate in the “1 Mic 1 Take” challenge — which is exactly what it means. Artists who take the challenge have to record it all in one single take with just one microphone.

And the ladies rose to the challenge. The band showcased their lovely voices and glorious harmonies in their masterful performance of the classic folk ballad, “Danny Boy”. It was a hauntingly beautiful rendition of the famous folk song, complete with the spectacular harmonies that Celtic Woman is widely known for.

They were in fact already in LA to attend the Grammy Awards. The band had been nominated in the Best World Music category for their album “Destiny”. It is their first nomination for a Grammy and the ladies said that they felt honored and grateful for the accolade.

Although the Grammy went to the Chinese cellist Yo-Yo Ma, Celtic Woman graciously reaffirmed that they still felt it was a great achievement to be nominated and they got to meet many of the world’s leading musical talents.

Ensemble member, Mairead Carlin, said in an interview, “What an honor to be nominated and to be standing there with these amazing performers.”
“To get nominated for a Grammy is like the biggest stamp of approval for the music you make,” she added.

The multi-platinum selling four-piece, Celtic Woman, formed in 2004 and has toured the world performing not only classic Irish folk songs but other genres as well. The band has changed its individual members a few times but the musical ability and polished delivery of the band itself has never wavered.

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\'Celtic Woman\' Sings ‘Danny Boy,’ Then Suddenly The Song Transforms When Friends Join In Chilling Harmony