Words are unable to describe Chinchilla’s mesmerizing dust bath routine


Like most creatures, cleaning up is a normal part of a chinchilla’s routine. But these tiny animals are unique for being one of the critters that use dust instead of water.


The reason behind this unique bathing method has to do with their dense, soft fur. If they bathe in soap and water, their thick hairs will capture the moisture and potentially turn into mold.

Dust baths work precisely how you would picture them. Owners set up a receptacle and pour fine dust into the bottom. Then, they let their chinchilla take care of the rest.


In the wild, chinchillas bathe in volcanic ash, so chinchilla parents must ensure the dust bath has the finest particles possible. If the dust is too thick, it can become stuck in their fur and cause irritation.

So, for these little rodents, dust baths are essential. And the best part about this unique hygiene routine is how excited chinchillas get about cleaning themselves. That was definitely true for this adorable chinchilla.

The moment the lovable chinchilla, Taro, stepped into his bath, he immediately started rolling around in his tub. It took no time for the exuberant chinchilla to get dust everywhere.

Watch clouds of dust dance around this happy chinchilla in this short video. Whether you want to take a break from your day or see what a dust bath looks like, you cannot do better than this video.

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Words are unable to describe Chinchilla\'s mesmerizing dust bath routine