Christmas truck with 14,000 LED lights is the coolest ride on the block

Tricking out a ride goes to the next level when Christmas is involved. The mechanics of AV Tuning & Development took an ’06 Tundra and turned it into a masterpiece.

Sometimes a little bit isn’t enough. That was the general idea when AV Tuning & Development unveiled their Christmas truck. What started out as a fun experiment turned into a record-breaking take on the holiday spirit.

Using an ’06 Tundra as the base, they decorated the truck from top to bottom in LED lights. In total, there are 14,000 working LED lights on the truck.

The last time something this extravagant was on wheels, it was a personalized Bentley for royalty. With the tricked out ’06 Tundra, mechanics prove that you don’t need opulence to have the most eye turning ride on the block.

As a whole, the Christmas truck wasn’t a cheap project. But it will inspire a lot of videos that will show how to get similar results without emptying your bank account.

Adding LED lighting for your vehicle is one of many exciting Christmas accessories. By using your imagination, you can turn any ride into a rolling advertisement for Christmas. It’s fun, easy, and a great way to show your support for the holidays.