Claire sings inspiring song with dad on the guitar and it’s got everyone singing along with her

Take a dad who can play the guitar and a little daughter with a beautiful singing voice and you have a recipe for internet super-stardom. That daughter, five-year-old Claire Ryann Crosby is the real star, of course, and once you hear her voice, you’ll understand why.

Claire Ryann first sang her way into the world’s hearts with a video she and her dad made of their interpretation of “You’ve Got a Friend in Me.” That someone so young could have such an amazing and crystal-clear voice really struck a chord (for lack of a better term) with people. The internet alone couldn’t contain her. She’s been on “The Ellen Degeneres Show” and “The Voice.” It was during her appearance on NBC’s “Little Big Shots” that host Steve Harvey quipped, “Eighty-two million people have watched you. That’s more than my entire 32-year career.” Since then, Claire’s YouTube channel has kept on racking up views and now has over 175 million. For all his talent as a comedian and television personality, Harvey may never catch up!

Like anyone, Claire Ryann feels a little down at times. But she has the perfect cure: singing the stirring number “Tomorrow” from the 1977 Broadway musical “Annie.” The setting is the Great Depression and in a visit to the White House, Little Orphan Annie uses the song to inspire Franklin Roosevelt and his cabinet. But as you’ll see Claire Ryann manages just fine without the 32nd president and his “brains trust” of advisors.

For the benefit of anyone whose day is gray and lonely, she and her dad made a video which you’ll find posted below. Just looking at her face, you can see how she summons real emotion to make this rendition of the inspiring song so compelling. Always a class act, she bows for her audience at the end of the performance.

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