Clever elephant stops traffic for some sugarcane

Elephant steals sugarcane amidst traffic

Auan-tia is a locally famous young elephant that has spent most of its years in the sanctuary. On this day, it decided to collect toll from the truckers.

Many people can’t help but admire the grace and beauty of elephants whenever they see one. These gentle giants are definitely a sight to behold.

Truckers making their regular transportations would never expect to be ambushed by such a cute creature. Auan-tia spotted sugarcane on the back of a truck and wasn’t letting it escape him.

Elephant steals sugarcane amidst traffic

Auan-tia is a young elephant who’s spent the better part of his life in the local sanctuary. The drivers had no choice but to slow down and let the young elephant go about with the search.

He finds a truck that has not been covered at the top and decides to collect the loot. In this process, the adorable animal had created a full-on traffic jam.

With well over nine million views, most people will agree that elephants are truly beautiful animals. Watching this is sure to leave you with a smile across your face.

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