“Supermom” Cockatoo is the perfect parent for baby boy

Cockatoo and baby boy

A Cockatoo and a baby, right before birth, are destined to be best friends. The fluffy white bird sits on his “egg,” a pregnant lady’s newly, as he prays for it to hatch.

The cockatoo watches patiently. He listens to the sound of the portable ultrasound scanner move over the round belly. Every beep makes him curious. At last! Marni “leaped” for joy.

He would nurse a baby boy. He flew to the baby’s crib. Standing on the edge, Marni inspected every nook and cranny. Then to test the comfy bed, he fell in it.

Cockatoo and baby boy

Marni’s mom gave him a soft belly rub. He squawked, thanking her in response. The day Marni longed for arrived. It was like a lucid dream. He was overwhelmed with joy, seeing Remi, his baby brother.

At first, Marni felt a little jealous ‘cos mom had to attend to two sweethearts now. Well, things changed quickly. It started from sharing the same toys. Then Marni ensures Remi has his bath.

Now they travel the world, with mom serving as their courier. Adorable family photos, beautiful memories, and just chilling moments are what they’ve. Back home, Marni tiptoes slowly as he teaches Remi how to crawl.

“Cockatoo live up to 80 years,” mom says. It’s gonna be a lifelong and rock-solid friendship. Remi falls asleep while Marni keeps an eye on him. He is always there for Remi.

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