Cockatoo goes absolutely bonkers when his human dad comes home

It’s always a treat when we see a loved one who’s been away come home. In fact, even if they were away briefly and for some perfectly routine reason — going out to work for the day, perhaps — we may only subconsciously miss them, but we still get a rush of happiness when they come home.

If you go out, your human loved ones at least know when to expect you back. Pets, however, have no idea how long you’re going to be away. So for them, when you do come home, it’s really big relief and a cause for some celebration. For example, a cat or a dog will start going nuts the moment they hear any tell-tale sound: car noise, familiar footsteps, key in the lock, etc. Just imagine what it’s like when the pet is a brainy and super-excitable cockatoo…

Although lacking the brightly colored plumage, cockatoos are in fact a type of parrot, and of an especially intelligent, sociable, and talkative sort. They have a phenomenal ability to mimic sounds generally, whether noise from a tropical forest or an artificial environment like a house. But what’s really remarkable is the way a cockatoo can reproduce human speech. Combine the ability to talk with a zany personality and you soon understand why cockatoos have long been highly prized as pets. Having a pet cockatoo isn’t for everyone. They require a lot of attention and often live to see their 70th birthday. But if you’re up to the job, a cockatoo can be an incredibly rewarding companion.

There’s a cockatoo named Onni who gets especially worked up when his human dad comes home. As you’ll see in the video posted below, he paces frantically on the windowsill and makes manic vocalizations. Once dad is in the door, he gets an amazing “welcome home” from this wonderfully hilarious cockatoo.

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