Collingsworth Family Performs Astounding Live Version of “Gotta Get To Jesus”

The Collingsworth Family isn’t new to singing worship songs in front of large crowds. They’ve been singing gospel for several years and don’t plan on stopping. With plenty of talent, these relatives take to the stage once again to perform a live version of “Gotta Get To Jesus.”

Their goal with their music is to spread a positive message about love and forgiveness. Over the years, thousands of people have heard their music and the word behind it. The entire family performs on stage and has the audience raising their arms and voices in worship.

“Gotta Get To Jesus” has touching lines like “I’ve gotta get to Jesus, gotta get to Jesus. I know that he’s the answer to my needs. Bring him all my problems; only he can solve them.” You can hear the love in their voices.

Whether they’re performing for a massive church or a small congregation, The Collingsworth Family is touching hearts all around the world with their incredible vocals. It’s always nice to see that talented people are using their gifts for the greater good.

Collingsworth Family Performs Astounding Live Version of \