Company Employed Gangster Cats For Their Commercial. It’s The Funniest Thing You’ve Ever Seen

As everyone knows, cats rule the internet and consequently, any company that wants to make a good, memorable commercial has to seriously consider making cats part of its advertising strategy. The video we’ve posted for you below is a great example of tapping our feline friends’ bottomless reservoir of cuteness and hilarity.

Cotto, a company based in Thailand, got its start in the tile making business back in 1979. Since then, the company has expanded its offerings to include everything in the bathroom: fixtures, faucets, shelving, furniture, and more. They also make slabs, wall coverings, and counter tops. They have a team of designers who strive to make all their products look good. Leave it to a company that focuses so much on design to come up with a hilarious commercial featuring a gang of cats!

At the beginning of the spot, a gang of six cats are having a meeting in the living room. The leader, larger and fatter than the others, is addressing his crew. “How did we let it get to this?” Then there’s a flashback to a couple of weeks before. Their human mom is tracking them down one by one so she can give each of them a bath. Not something any cat looks forward to! They all hide in a vase but then make a hasty exit due to their leader’s flatulence. Their human remarks, “How lucky, the vase didn’t break.” Then she’s holding the gang leader:”Time for a bath, your highness.”

Then it’s back to the present. The boss cat tells the others, “We’re not gonna take it anymore! No more! We’ll not endure bathrooms any longer! Attack!” Needless to say, the cats discover that the bathroom has been completely redone using Cotto products and it leaves them in awe.

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