A company employs gangster cats to make an ad and it’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen!

Commercials have been getting more creative these days, don’t you think so? I remember the time when commercials were done to sell products only. Today, they are also made to entertain. What marketing companies do these days, is trying to make people relate to what’s being said and the product. Why? Well, the more people can relate to some product, the more chances people have of buying those products.

Psychology plays a crucial role in this. Commercials today are created to take people back to the times of their childhood. They can be games they played or songs they sang, but the more they can make people visit their own memories, the more attached they will feel to these products. Initially, this was accomplished through the appearance of celebrities.

People identify themselves with celebrities or at least they try to. Celebrities represent many facets of life that people would like to have in their own lives. This is what draws people to watch movies where happy endings happen only after long ordeals. But don’t worry, this is not bad, it is only human nature.

Several organizations even started to hold competitions to see which commercials were more entertaining. They had several categories for this. There was the ‘funniest commercial’ category. This was the one which would get you laughing out loud the most. There was the ‘drama commercial’ that made you nostalgic but leave a fuzzy feeling in you. And there were other categories that gave awards to more creative ones. This made marketers explore ways to make different commercials.

When these marketers decided to start making different commercials, they knew they would have to get more creative. Some of them used animals in the commercials. The only thing is that animals are unpredictable. It doesn’t matter how scripted your commercial is, there is always the element of surprise. But this is what makes animal videos so fun. How many funny animal videos have you seen recently? I’ve seen a lot and the reason is that they always find a way of cracking us up.

At times, our furry friends want to take over. Just take the example of the following people. Some people decided to hire a group of kitties to do some work. What they didn’t know is that they had plans of their own. Their owner is seen asking for her cats. The cats appear to be hanging out at home without doing anything wrong, right? Well, just take a look at this video!