This Controversial Wedding Dress Had The Internet In Uproar! What Do YOU Think?

There are many different combinations possible for a successful wedding. Cake tasting, yum! Guest list, vows, the food you will serve, what song to dance to. These fabulous activities you get to work on with a loved one. Someone who has put in the time and dedication to grasp towards forever with. The beginnings of a great and fantastic journey together. Down a road that may lead to nowhere, but there are so many roads.

Shona and husband Johnathon were meticulously planning their wedding. The choices and options they decided to keep light and breezy, no point in stressing over such a great chance to explore a deeper intimacy. Little did they know how quickly things would move along. A month later their gorgeous gift of a newborn baby girl gave Shona the silliest idea.

A controversial idea that had quite a few comments, others snapping pictures to post online later. Her original idea seemed like mistreatment in some form or another. Many of the spectators or later, critics found her idea amusing and original. Certainly, hasn’t been done as tastefully as the beautiful Shona did.

With her opposition claiming mistreatment and abuse, the mother shot back a sly and well-rounded defense. She knew what she was doing as a mom. No one would tell her different. Their job was not to care for that baby, she is responsible. Yet, people always seem to find a way to fight. Life can really throw you for a loop! I’m sure you’ll agree, this mother has got to be a big tickle!

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