Conway Twitty Sings About His Deep Love For Jesus In Touching Ballad “The Third Man”

Conway Twitty has always been outspoken about his faith. His 1973 album release, entitled Who Will Pray For me, is full of emotional and devotional songs inspired by his relationship with God. Every song on the album is amazing, but it’s the eighth track that really stands out to us.

“The Third Man” was originally recorded by Loretta Lynn for her album Hymns in 1965. The song was written by Don Helms and Teddy Wilburn. The lyrics take a unique reflection on Jesus’ death on the cross.

In the song, the narrator tells listeners about a dream he had, where he took a walk and came across three crosses on a hill. Two of the men cried out to him for help, while the third, Jesus, only looked at him.

“Oh, the hurt in this man’s eyes, it just broke my heart in two!” sings the narrator. “It seemed I could hear him say, ‘Son, I’m doing this for you.'”

Twitty puts his signature touch on this song. He sings with such deep emotion, his voice wavering as he describes the encounter with Jesus. It’s clear how much the words mean to him.

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