Country Star George Strait Honors Late Daughter In Heartbreaking Song “Baby Blue”

George Strait released the heart wrenching song “Baby Blue” on April 25, 1988. It was the second single off his album If You Ain’t Lovin’, You AIn’t Livin’. While the lyrics of the song don’t specify, and Strait has never confirmed, many believe this emotional song was written about the loss of his daughter, Jenifer.

In 1986, Strait’s family was rocked by tragedy. Jenifer, the eldest daughter of Strait and his wife Norma, was killed in a car accident. Jenifer was only 13 years old at the time, and was partially ejected from the passenger’s seat when the car she was in flipped over.

She was killed instantly, and in that moment Strait’s life was forever changed. Jenifer had a brother, whom Strait and Norma called ‘Bubba’. In the years to come, Strait avoided the media and refused interviews, too heartbroken to speak about Jenifer to the press.

While he didn’t want to speak to newspapers or magazines, Strait was able to convey his feelings through his music. Although Strait did not write “Baby Blue”, he imbues the words with the depth of his own emotions, and the lyrics seem to be written for Jenifer, who had beautiful blue eyes.

In the chorus, the narrator mourns the loss of this blue-eyed girl with these words: “And baby blue was the color of her eyes./Baby blue like the Colorado skies./Like a breath of spring, she came and left,/And I still don’t know why.”

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