Couple go above and beyond to build UFO chicken coop

Brett and Ellen from Idaho needed a chicken coop for their flock, but they didn’t want to make an average home for their birds. They decided to build a custom coop that looked like a UFO.

They started by getting a pair of 10-foot satellite dishes that would act as the structure’s body. It had the perfect shape for a spaceship.

They stacked the dishes then cut an 8-foot circular floor for it. It was a good space for the flock and made it easy to clean. They also installed handles so they could lift out the base.

Then they cut holes for the windows and put 6-inch surveillance camera covers over the holes. They bought 1-inch styrofoam insulation and cut it into several pieces, so they fit snugly.

The insulation layer was then covered with a waterproof barrier. Using Aluminum paint gave the coop a UFO look while also serving as a way to keep it cool during the summer by reflecting light away.

They elevated the coop by putting it on a trampoline base to keep the chickens safe from predators. Once it was set, they put the hen boxes, a hatch, more handles, and lighting fixtures.

The lights were the perfect touch to achieve that spaceship appearance. They even put heat emitters inside to keep track of the temperature and adjust it remotely when needed.

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Couple go above and beyond to build UFO chicken coop