This cover of Peggy Lee’s “Fever” is maybe the best thing I have EVER heard

Peggy Lee’s famous song “Fever” is a hit that makes you think of smoky nightclubs and sultry singers. Allison Young breathes life into that popular ditty that you can’t stop listening to.

With her bright red lipstick and her hair piled high, it’s easy to imagine Allison Young has stepped right out of the swing era into today. When she opens her mouth to sing, you’ll be astounded.

Like a reincarnation of Peggy Lee herself, Allison’s vocals are flawless. She sways to the beat of the music as her partner in crime strums the electric guitar beside her.

You will be entirely mesmerized as she sings about the famous love affairs of Romeo and Juliet and Pocahontas and John Smith. She blames it on the fever of love.

Her voice is so easy to listen to. You will want to fall right into the feverish state she sings about if only to stay in the presence of her vocals forever.

This incredible song was recorded in just one take. In the end, she humbly claims that they did a pretty good job. We beg to differ, Allison – you killed it!

Allison Young has an amazing voice. She uses it to revive the classic songs of swing that make you want to move to the rhythm. We cannot wait to see what she will record next!

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