Cowboy poet cracks up Johnny Carson with hilarious and heartwarming words

Cowboy poets and Johnny Carson

‘The Tonight Show’ starring Johnny Carson, welcomed many unique guests over the years. Johnny introduces two cowboys who are poets. Johnny talks about how poetry is a big part of the cowboy tradition.

Cowboy poets and Johnny Carson

The cowboys walk on stage with huge hats, dressed in full cowboy gear. Carson asks what they think about Hollywood’s depiction of cowboy culture. Waddie tells him he has a story about it. He starts to speak a poem about how cowboys don’t need women and how they have no time for clothes. They just had time for cowboy-ing.

He talks about how a cowboy brother fell because he got taken by a woman, and she changed his life. Now he isn’t a cowboy anymore. Then, he pulled his gun on him and said, ‘Once a cowboy becomes a dude wrangler, he ain’t no more at all.’

Cowboy poet

Baxter, the other half of the duo, was previously a veterinarian. Now he does cowboy poetry for a living. Baxter says there’s traditional cowboy poetry, and then there’s the ‘lunatic poetry type of poet.’

Baxter stands up and starts talking about how cowboys and vegetarians don’t get along. His poem is called ‘A Vegetarian’s Nightmare.’ He talks about how vegetables can feel pain and how cowboys don’t care for that. He speaks of how vegetarians pluck out, twist, bite, or slice the fruits and vegetables they eat.

Cowboy poets and Johnny Carson

Baxter continues to talk about how they butcher their food, how they fear the vegetarians, and how this is their nightmare. ‘I violated tomatoes so they could never survive, and I boiled the potat’er alive.’

Baxter closes his poem by explaining how he wants to start a crusade for plants’ rights. The crowd laughs and applauds him. Johnny Carson and his audience are impressed by this little-known art form called ‘Cowboy Poetry.’

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