Cozy & Chic: DIY Rustic Dog House Plans With Video Tutorial

Having a dog is one of the greatest joys in life. They can help heal broken hearts, give you cuddles on a bad day, and make fantastic exercise buddies. One thing about owning a dog is that they require quite a bit of work.

If you had a canine companion that loves to spend time outside or maybe even sleeps under the stars, you could quickly build him a dog house. It can be expensive to buy one and buy creating a customized home; you control the sizing.

Thanks to a woodworker on Youtube, it’s never been easier to make your furry friend a cozy home of his own. You’ll need the basics, including wood, power tools, hardware, and anything you’d like to put inside the dog house.

By building a simple frame, flooring, and exterior walls, your pup will be lounging in luxury. Making the dog house can quickly be done on a rainy afternoon, and will score you some extra puppy kisses.