Crowd’s sick of waiting for band to play, so 65,000 fans sing a Queen classic in beautiful harmony

When was the last time you went to see your favorite band play? Have you gone to one? You will have to wait a long time to get tickets but the entire process it worth living. While there are those who would say that it is much better to buy the CD or download the song, you know the wait is worth it. If you do that, you will be avoiding big crowds but that’s the whole point of it. A live concert just sounds much better.

Concerts are pretty much pilgrimages for everybody who attends. The fun starts at least a couple of days before. You go to get the tickets. You’ll need to wait in line for at least a couple of days. That is the perfect meeting place for people to rock together. By the time you have the tickets, you will have probably learned a thing or two about your favorite artist.

The concert is the following afternoon and you arrive there before the sun comes out. There’s a lot to do while you wait. You visit the city’s bars and places to grab a bite. You meet a lot of people and exchange names and numbers. The time for the concerts gets closer and you are all geared up with the band’s attire and a couple of souvenirs.

Your favorite band is about a couple of hours from taking the stage. Some guys have come out a couple of times for sound checks. The weather looks perfect and the first music notes start playing through the main speakers. You know how when you make a call and you’re put on hold, they play you this background music? This is about the same thing, only that they are playing it for about 65,000 people.

Once the music starts you know it’s time for a beer. You start chatting with the fellows next to you. They’re from out of town. They’ve been waiting for this concert for over six months. You just found out about three months ago. You ask them what they do for a living and then you say you are hoping to go freelance.

Suddenly, one of your all-time favorite songs starts playing on the speakers. You figure that your band should have been out by now. The crowd starts getting into the song and you think you might as well join. There are about 65,000 people ready to rip through the chorus and the sound is the most beautiful you have ever heard!