A Curious Deer Notices He’s Being Watched. But What He Did Next Left Was Truly Amazing!

Nature always has a way of delighting us with something new. No matter how much we learn about them, what animals do is mostly unpredictable for us. They always have a way to surprise us again and again. We can see an example in the video below, which shows a deer doing something honestly stunning. He is spotted walking outside a building, close to the windows. When he realizes there’s a woman inside, he starts doing something amazing. Usually deer run off as soon as they spot something unexpected, I’ve never seen one do this before!

This video was recorded on an environmental school, located on Long Island. The deer starts acting very curious when he sees the woman inside, and he starts mimicking everything that she does, to perfection. Even when she lifts up her leg, he repeats it. What the deer did after that not only made me laugh hysterically, but it also left me in awe. You have to watch it for yourself!

The clip is embedded just below here. Had you ever seen a deer do something as amazing as that? I certainly had not! Share the video, if you liked it, and don’t forget to leave a comment in the section under the video.

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