Curious Dog Joins Giddy Elephant for Watermelon Snack

There’s no denying that eating a watermelon slice on a hot summer day is the perfect way to cool off and hydrate. An elephant named Valli loves the delicious fruit so much that she eats them whole.

Skanda Vale is a hospice place for elephants that focuses on comfort, care, and happiness. There’s nothing that makes Valli happier than snacking on some juicy watermelon and hanging with her favorite friends.

When the beautiful creature is enjoying her treat, a friendly pup comes up to greet her. Investigating the remnants of watermelon on the ground, the puppy decides to let her finish eating in peace.

The watermelon Valli is munching on is about the size of a soccer ball. She slowly breaks it in half and crunches down until it’s all gone. It’s safe to say that she may be mighty, but her love for tasty fruit is even greater.