Curious Turtle Won’t Leave Aquarium Worker Alone While Cleaning the Tank

Turtles are adorable creatures that love to spend their time cruising around the ocean and other bodies of water. They’re generally solitary animals who keep to themselves, even when surrounded by other aquatic critters.

During a routine cleaning at an aquarium, one charming turtle couldn’t get enough attention from the aquarium’s employee. Dressed in full scuba gear, the person was casually wiping the glass clean for visitors to get the best view of the wondrous animals.

After initially saying hello, the employee gently moved the turtle away to finish their job. It wasn’t long before the curious reptile was back for another greeting, and said hello by biting at the employee’s watch on their wrist.

As they continued to get back to cleaning, the turtle would return several times. Whether it loved her watch or just wanted to say hi to a familiar face, the on-looking crowd seemed to get a kick out of it. Do you think you could ever go diving with sea animals like sharks or turtles?